Washer Hoses

Water damage caused by a washing machine supply hose malfunction is a leading cause of home insurance claims. A failed washer hose can create a terrible mess and the resulting flood can result in expensive damage to your home.

Washing Machine Hose Check. Inspecting your washer hoses is simple and can help to prevent unexpected damage. When checking your hoses, look for leaks, bulges, or cracks. Also be sure to keep your washing machine at least four inches away from the wall to prevent hose kinking and damage. 

Be sure to know where the shut-off valves to your washer are located. If a hose bursts, you can prevent extreme damage by quickly shutting off the water. Also, it’s recommended you stay home while your washing machine is running. 

Replace Your Washer Hoses. If you find any leaks, bulges, or cracks upon inspection, you should replace your hoses immediately. After about 3 years, your hoses have likely aged. When purchasing new washer hoses, stainless steel is a better alternative to the traditional rubber hoses that leak and quickly deteriorate. 

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