Garbage Disposals

Treat Your Garbage Disposal with Respect.

A sink garbage disposal unit makes it fast and easy to clean up your food waste. Here are a few tips to maximizing the life of your garbage disposal.

  • Seek expert garbage disposal installation.
  • Use cold water when you grind food; hot water can melt fats and clog the mechanism and pipes.
  • Never overfill your garbage disposal.
  • Don’t put abrasive fluids like bleach, drain cleaners, or other chemicals down the unit.
  • Avoid putting the following into your garbage disposal: coffee grounds, overly fibrous materials (like artichokes or corn husks), glass, metal, or rubber.
  • Be sure to run water before and after using your garbage disposal.
  • Remember, disposals use both water and electricity.
  • To clean your garbage disposal, fill with ice cubes and a cup of rock salt, and run it for five seconds. You can also deodorize your garbage disposal by running warm water while grinding a lemon.

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