The EPA estimates that 30%* of an average home’s indoor water consumption comes from flushing toilets. For that reason, it’s important to maintain your toilet for long-term water conservation and money savings.

Technology advances are driving efficient alternatives for many basic appliances around the home, including the bathroom. Low-flow toilets and dual-flush toilets are two examples of more recent water-efficient options.

Toilet manufacturers are also offering greater comfort and convenience options. The traditional porcelain toilet has been transformed with features like automated flushing, heated seats, mechanically controlled seats and lids, bidet-like functions, and other spa-like features.

Sinks & Showers

Technology has had a great impact on the advancement and upgrading of common home fixtures such as sink faucets and showers. Manufacturers are now offering fixtures that are water-efficient and functional in design.

Additions like aerators assist in water conservation by mixing water from the faucet with air to reduce the amount of water needed to maintain pressure. The only difference users notice is a drop in their water bills. Another smart option is low-flow showerheads.

New shower designs feature computer-programming tools that let users personalize their shower experience. Features including desired water temperature, pressure, and spray type all enhance the traditional shower experience.

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