Powering Your Home After Record Flood


Heating and air conditioning equipment, along with most electrical equipment, that has come into contact with water during a flood can be extremely dangerous.  The experts at ARS/Rescue Rooter, a national service company with offices across the US, have compiled the following tips to help Middle Tennessee residents safely restore their air conditioning units and home appliances to working order after the disaster.

1. Stop the Surge.  Turn off all power to your appliances by turning them off at breaker, usually located at your home’s main electrical panel.  When power is restored, either via a portable generator or by the electric company, your appliances will receive a surge of power that can burn them out if the breaker is not turned off. 

2. Step Away for Safety.  Many folks are opting to use portable generators to temporarily power their homes.  Portable generators draw their power from gas, which produces carbon monoxide fumes.  Never run a generator indoors or in your garage.  Always place it in an outdoor, well ventilated location such as a porch, deck or driveway.

3. Stand Back and See.  Look over all motors, electrical wiring, gas valves and safety controls in your outdoor air conditioner.  All belts, bearings and moving parts should be checked and cleaned.  All drains coils and tubing should be flushed and dried.  It is recommended to have a professional service company inspect, clean and tune your air conditioning unit before turning it on.

4. Do Your Homework. Before hiring a service technician, confirm that the person:

  • Is licensed, bonded and insured
  • Provides you with a written, signed cost estimate before starting to work
  • Will be accessible if you have follow-up questions after the repair is complete

If you’re unsure about a service provider, call the Better Business Bureau of Nashville.

5. Check Your Coverage. Damage to your property may be covered by homeowners insurance, but damage to your appliances may not be covered by manufacturer’s warranties.  Contact your insurance company to determine the extent of your coverage.

Homeowners with additional questions can contact local ARS/Rescue Rooter @ : 615-255-2111

For media inquiries, please contact:   
Elizabeth Young at (901) 271-9700